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The things that hold us back

Rebecca Bennington Blog Picture
I think everyone daydreams and thinks about a future time when they are happy, engaged, satisfied, and living life.  Everyone daydreams, but why don’t they act on these things?  Is the failure to act on daydreams what leads people to having regrets later in life?  Maybe.

I am thinking of things that might hold us back from acting on our dreams.  Some can be changed, and others cannot.  Sometimes we tell ourselves they cannot be changed because we are looking for an excuse to not pursue our dream for whatever reason, possibly fear of the unknown, fear of change, or some other fear we do not want to face.

Here are a few things that can hold us back:

  • Some dreams cost money that we don’t have.  We might be able to get some of it, or all of it, but sometimes we are probably not going to attain as much as we need for that particular dream.  That’s ok, it’s still nice to dream.
  • Some dreams could require you to leave responsibilities behind.  First of all, you need to determine if they are actually your responsibilities, or are they things that really belong to someone else but you have taken on due to guilt, unwarranted sense of obligation, unwarranted sense of duty, or another reason.  If you truly have responsibilities you cannot leave then maybe the time is not right for that dream right now, but are there steps you can take to be prepared to launch the dream when the time IS right?
  • Laziness! This isn’t to say that you’re a lazy person, but some dreams require work.  You have to take the necessary steps to get there.  If your dream is to graduate from college or get a promotion, then you are going to have to put in some work.  Sometimes the dream is not worth the effort it takes to achieve it, and that is something only you can figure out.  If this is the case, then consider revising your dream to meet your level of effort.  You might avoid regrets later in life by doing so.
  • This is probably the biggest prohibitor to dream achievement. It is natural to want to feel safe and secure. Attaining your dream will likely bring you some discomfort.  You may have to step out on your own, take some risks, reevaluate your priorities, possible change your lifestyle, change your self-image of who you always thought you were to someone who is now a dream achiever!  Of all of these prohibitors, fear can be the most difficult to overcome.

Today spend some time daydreaming.  Ask yourself if you are happy to simply have the dreams, and would you be happy (or happier) if the dreams were attained?  Is the dream worth the effort it will take to get you there?

I hope you find a place in your life for your dreams to come true.

As always, if you need someone to talk with to help sort the steps you can take to achieve your dreams please contact the YP2H Team, we would love to help!


Rebecca Bennington


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