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Only Happy Mistakes

Rebecca Bennington Blog Picture

You may have heard of Bob Ross, the painter, who was always friendly and cheerful. His favorite say was only “happy mistakes.” I began my bike ride, which would be a great ride to keep me happy. All started out well and had a beautiful path; it was sunny, about 80 degrees, and there was barely any breeze, which is rare in Ohio. As I traveled down my path, enjoying the day, heading to what I thought was going to the town of Alexandra, my trail suddenly came to a warning of a detour, showing it would be 2.7 miles. I took the detour, which could have been more friendly. The trail was a switchback and up a long hill over a highway. Being new to the trail and thinking a few extra miles should be OK. Well, it was starting out to be one, and I was less happy when I started. In addition to this detour, no signs showed which way to go. So, I guessed and was wrong, but I figured I’m out here; just keep going. I kept riding and enjoyed the area when it hit me. I had no idea where I was, but no worries. I’m a guy. There’s no need to stop someone and ask. Just keep riding. Oh, did I mention that even my riding app was lost? I continued with my ride, and things started to look familiar. The reason is that I could see my vehicle off in the distance. I did what any other guy would do; I turned around and took a different trail. Good idea, Craig. I kept riding, wondering what they did with the town of Alexandra. I finally came across a two-lane road and a neighborhood. I crossed an overturned left and finally a trail sign, Granville, 6 miles. I’ve been through the town in my car, so why not ride it? 

I came across beautiful homes and gardens, and it turned out to be a happier ride now. Though the past had bumps from tree roots, the homes were lovely. I was becoming thirsty and didn’t want my water, but a lady was walking a beagle up ahead. I stopped and asked if any restaurants were up ahead; there were about two more miles. I told her that her beagle looked like mine. We chatted for about five minutes about our dogs, and I was on my way. I did end up in downtown Grandville. I stopped at The Pub and ordered a beer and a glass of water. I sat, and people watched for half an hour. As I was getting ready, I saw the Granville Historical Society. 

Since I was in no hurry, I walked over to check it. The little building was full of artifacts. There was one room with broken pottery dating back to the late 1800s, old farm implements, and glass bottles of various periods. What made this room so enjoyable was they were all dug up by a 15-year-old who was bored during the COVID pandemic and started to metal detect and look around his farm. He brought all the items to the historic society, where he donated everything and learned how to clean and preserve historic artifacts. If you’re ever in the area, I recommend visiting. After my visit, I started back to where I had last seen my car, thinking that Bob Ross was correct. There are only happy mistakes.  



Craig Gallaugher


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