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Our Tools and Services

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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What is life coaching?

Unlike mental health counseling, life coaching does not attempt to treat mental illness. Coaching is focused on goal attainment and achieving positive outcomes for life situations.

What does a life coach do?

A life coach is someone who counsels and encourages clients through personal or career challenges. A life coach helps guide clients to reach their ultimate goals. Oftentimes, a life coach counsels clients in personal and professional arenas. This means career, personal development, relationships, nutrition, divorce, grief, and even financial wellness.

How can life coaching help me?

Life coaching can help you to recognize the strengths and potential that you already possess.  Life’s experiences and our own self doubt can cloud the confidence we need to achieve our objectives.  Coaching can help you realize your full potential.

What are the qualifications of a life coach?

There is no degree required to become a life coach.  However, there are specialized training courses that can be taken.  YP2H Coaches are certified as coaches,  and also possess accredited college degrees in relevant fields.

How are sessions conducted?

Our coaching sessions will take place virtually using either Microsoft Teams or Zoom platforms. Sessions will occur at a cadence that you choose and will last no more than an hour for each session.

What is the cost of life coaching services?

Each coach on the YP2H team has set their own rates which are available on their bio pages.  They each are unique in their specialties and training which results in varying rates for their sessions.

Is life coaching confidential?

Yes, life coaching is confidential.  Your sessions will not be shared with anyone but you.

How do I choose the right life coach for me?

It’s important that you are comfortable with your coach.  You will meet with your coach and talk with them one on one at no cost before making a commitment to continue on to a paid session.  If you do not believe you can work with your coach you are not committed to complete the session or to make any payment.

What kind of issues can a life coach address?

Life coaching is intended to help you reach your goals.  The YP2H team believes that you will increase your happiness and satisfaction with life when you eliminate the barriers preventing you from attaining your goals.

Is there a difference between life coach and business coach?

Business coaching aims at helping organizations to see their dynamics and set goals that will lead to positive, engaged, and productive work environments.  Personal coaching addresses the needs of individuals in their everyday lives.

What is the process to start life coaching?

To start your path you only need to schedule a session with one of our coaches.  Your coach will then ask you some basic questions about what you want to achieve and will advise of you of the pace of sessions recommended. 

How is progress measured in life coaching?

During your coaching sessions you will create action steps to reach the next objective towards your goal. As you take these steps your coach will process how they are leading you to your overall goals.  Your comfort and success at each step is a measure of your success.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with the coaching?

The growth you take away from your coaching sessions is not a tangible asset that can be returned or refunded.  However, any unused portion of package sessions will be refunded after deducting the regular hourly rate from the total unused amount.

What is the scope of life coaching?

The scope of life coaching includes personal coaching on matters that are impeding an individual’s ability to succeed in the areas they choose.  This scope does not include psychological intervention or treatment, but rather cognitive and behavioral coaching to reach goals and positive outcomes.

Can life coaching be done in a group setting?

Life coaching can be done in a group setting.  YP2H is looking forward to introducing this to our range of services in the near future.  Sign up for our email to stay informed about this exciting offering.

Can I see testimonials or references?

Click here to read our testimonies