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What is

Your Path to Happy?

Everyone wants to be happy.  Happiness is a skill and not everyone has it.  Not everyone learned the skill of how to be happy, and not everyone has the same goals to become happy or the same means to get there.  Some people recognize their path and others do not.   


Our intention is to help you find YOUR path to happiness. We will help you discover what you are searching for to be happy (if you don’t already know) and create a personalized path for you to get there. 

That may involve helping you to find resources you need, questioning what you see as your goal for happiness, or just providing you with support while you are on your journey.  Some issues might require that you seek counseling, but there is nothing to prevent you from exploring your path to happiness while you address issues in your past that are impacting your path today. 

This help is free.  The first step on your path is to complete a simple questionnaire.  We will use this information to get you started on your journey by sending you an outline of the steps you might take to meet your goal.  We will continue to check in with you periodically to see how you are progressing, and we will send you additional information and resources to help you along the way.

Your Path to Happy

Join Our Walk-and-Talk Sessions!

Step into a healthier lifestyle with our exclusive Walk-and-Talk sessions at Your Path to Happy. Limited to just six participants per group, these sessions are a perfect blend of light exercise and engaging conversation, all set in the scenic backdrop of our local metro parks. Embrace the opportunity to connect with others and nature simultaneously. Don’t wait, transform your walks into steps towards wellness and happiness today!

Who We Are

What We Do

Our Goal

Let us tell you about our journey

“Your Path to Happy” was created to assist individuals in their pursuit of happiness by addressing the obstacles they encounter. The founders emphasize the importance of helping people find happiness and believe that their positive energy can improve the world. The founders have educational backgrounds in Behavioral Science and Clinical Counseling, as well as coaching certifications. They focus on guiding people through various challenges, both personal and professional, by identifying goals and utilizing existing strengths and resources to find solutions. Their approach is flexible, recognizing that not everyone fits into a standard solution. 

What we can do for you

We offer a pathway to happiness through a personalized approach. You can choose to use the materials and exercises available on this website or if you feel you need additional support, we would be happy to talk with you.  The materials are designed to be easy to understand and implement as long as you are willing to put in the effort. The level of commitment is completely up to you. 

For those looking for more guidance, we offer coaching sessions with fees and a free personal introduction. These sessions are designed to provide ongoing support along the journey to happiness. We also have a podcast where we discuss various aspects of happiness, share stories of people who have overcome obstacles to find happiness, and explore current research and trends on the subject from a layman’s perspective. 

Additionally, we invite individuals to share your own happiness stories on their platform, encouraging a hands-on and personal approach. If someone believes their story can inspire others on their path to happiness, please contact us via email to express your interest in being part of our production. We will follow up with next steps. 

What we can ALL do for others

Not only do we want to help you on your path to happiness, but we also want to help those who are struggling with hunger to overcome this obstacle to happiness.  Therefore, YP2H will dedicate 20% of the profits earned via this website to Feeding America, a well-respected charity providing food to those throughout America.  Every time you purchase an item using a link in one of our articles, or for every coaching session you purchase, 20% of the profit will be given to this organization.  Because it’s hard to be happy when you’re hungry.   


Our goal for you

Our goal is to offer easy to use resources that are free or affordable so that anyone who wants to increase their positive outlook on life can do so.  We believe that everyone has the right to pursue happiness and finances or similar barriers should not prevent you from doing so. 

Rebecca Bennington
Craig Gallaugher
Desiree Haros

Let’s Talk

Finding your path 

If you are looking for general information and skills that will help you find happiness, then you can start exploring here on your own. If you have taken our questionnaire, then we have already sent you information about where to begin. We would like to talk to you more about your individual concerns.

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What Our Clients say about us

Our clients rave about the transformative experience they’ve had on their journey to happiness with us, as we exceeded their expectations and provided them with the guidance, support, and resources they needed to overcome obstacles and find true joy in their lives.


I want to thank you for your insight and professional services.  Your attention to detail and people-oriented approach was refreshing as well as enlightening.  You helped me see and solve things that were obstacles in my life that I was unable to focus on by myself.  You are an excellent guide and compassionate caregiver.  Thanks for all you do.

Mystery Person
Mike M.

Becky has helped me on so many different levels. Not only was she able to help me identify my goals, but she also worked with me to put together a personalized plan to accomplish them.

Mystery Person
Josh B.

Becky utilizes her unique skill set and diverse professional history to help others navigate their own personal success and ultimate pathway to happiness. She is an incredible listener and takes the time to individualize and personalize the guidance necessary to help others.

Mystery Person
Brad M.

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Your Path to Happy

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